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Animal Hospitals Pounce on Sophisticated Feline Treatment

Posted by: | Posted on: June 22, 2019

Even as impressive is the advanced gear hidden within the walls of animal hospitals around the world.  That equipment is indistinguishable to the devices applied to manage human maladies. 

Thanks to this equipment, and to the vets that employ it, the diagnosis and treatment of cat sicknesses has shown to be surprisingly successful. You can contact certified Long Island animal hospital to get veterinary care for your pets.

Whether your cat is miserable from irregularity, tumors, heartworm, cancer, or any number of additional illnesses, his or her veterinarian can provide the most effective attention, providing that high tech equipment like the following is applied:

  • Echography, or ultrasound, equipment for diagnosis of heart and abdominal issues.
  • Electrocardiogram for detection of troubles with heart function.
  • Radiography, or X ray, for capturing still images of a cat's internal body structure.
  • Fluoroscopy Radiography, or X ray, for viewing instant, true time images of a cat's internal anatomical structure.
  • CAT scan, for viewing 3D and cross sectioned images of a cat's organs and bones, and for discovering tumors and infections.
  • MRI, for applications similar to that of a CAT scan, only with more effective tissue screening contrast.  It's particularly useful for watching over the brain, heart, muscles, and any tumors that may exist.
  • Photodynamic Therapy, for the pointed removal of tumors.
  • BICOM machine, for the fortifying of a cat's immune system, in the fight against toxins, cancer, and parasites.
  • BFS machine, for reconstructing your cat's body's instinctive rhythms, and to raise blood counts, circulation, and immunoresponse.   
  • Endoscopic surgical gear, for biopsies and surgeries with minimal intrusion and scarring.
  • Surgical microscope, for a greater degree of preciseness during veterinary surgery.
  • Anesthesia equipment, for the finest administration and supervising of your cat's state of consciousness and vitals during veterinary surgery.

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