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Basic Knowledge About the Hardwood Floor

Posted by: | Posted on: July 18, 2019

Fantastic quality hardwood flooring can be an important investment, adding substantial value to your dwelling. Hardwood flooring can install by the professional ones. Before you install your first piece of wood, there are a number of decisions to make by you.

Finished wood simply needs installing with little extra work but the unfinished hardwood floors will have to be polished and finished after installing it. New hardwood floors should always be set up over a subfloor.

This is usually an existing wood or plywood flooring. The professional Hardwood floor contractors are not only installing finished wood floor they also provide many other services like Hardwood Floor Installation, Hardwood Floor Sanding, and Finishing and Hardwood Staircase Refinishing.

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Hardwood flooring can be installed in a number of unique ways. You can staple, nail or glue down the pieces. The simplest way is to set up what is called a floating floor. Floating floors aren't secured they just sit on top of the subfloor in fact they may be installed over any surface. Some floors are designed so the border of each piece locks into position with the other bits.

It's important to make certain that the subfloor is flat if the subfloor is not flat, your hardwood floor may squeak or possess waves inside. You can also put a layer of Rosin paper in addition to the subfloor to minimize any possible squeaks when the new hardwood flooring is installed.

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