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Create Your Own T-shirt: What You Need To Know

Posted by: | Posted on: March 14, 2019

T-shirt Making: What You Need To Know

Are you pondering about how to make your own tshirt? Making your own tshirt gives you the opportunity to apply designs of your choice. Custom tshirts have become an essential part of modern clothing and finding one in the market can hassle you. This article explains the pointers on how to make your own tshirt. Follow them to make your dream tshirt!

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1. Use High-Quality Image Files

Choose a high-quality image during your art to make the final product perfect. Tshirt designs need to sell the whole picture because nobody wants to “break” the final product by using low-quality design patterns. Consider higher at full size, 200 dpi images or vector files like EPS, SVG, PDF as they are Australia custom friendly designs. 

2. Your Font Matters

Focusing on your own fonts is important to both the words you use and what the message portrays. Don’t be pressured, right? Just pay attention to the font you want to use. Remember that what you are trying to add or detract from your message on the tshirt matters, be precise. 

3. Location

Design placement can mess your tshirt look hence place it in the right position. Opt to position it around the chest center rather than belly print so as to attract attention. Every person will get your message clearly. Remember to also position your logo in the right position. 

After putting down your graphic, here are some printing styles you can use for best results

1. Screen Printing

Screen printing involves producing a screen for each color you use that appears in the graphics and pressing ink with the colors through the screen (one screen after another) onto the tshirt. It gives long-lasting and bright colors on your tshirt results which is felt like a layer of ink. Color gradients and small details may not be reproduced well, therefore if your graphic is such, divide them into layers (separate layer to have a different color) to get best results.

2. Digital Printing 

Graphics with intricate details and complex color schemes can be reproduced best by this style. Besides, it has affordable cost, except that this printing technique isn’t good at handling bright colors, especially on dark tshirts. Use heat transfer screen printing for bright colors. 

3. Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is similar to digital printing except that there can be more chances of generating blurred images if they are badly placed on the heat transfer paper onto your tshirt. Be careful on placing images if you opt heat transfer style. 

Bottom line

after designing your graphic based on the printing you need, you can send it to a printer to have it made for you. Moreover, you can submit it to a tshirt website and earn some bucks for your great efforts.

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