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Downsizing property

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Posted by: | Posted on: April 20, 2019

What is Home Downsizing?

Exactly what does the term "Home Downsizing" mean? Most likely it will mean different things to different people. Some definitions we have seen include:

  • Selling off excess personal property in order to make more room.
  • Moving into a smaller, more manageable home.
  • Cashing in on personal property investment
  • Reducing the mortgage payment and living expenses. You can choose downsizing house plans in Australia – heritage partners to know more about downsizing.

Perhaps the simplest definition of Home Downsizing is "Making do with less". It means shedding off all of the excess baggage that you have in your life including expenses, personal property, collections, or junk…and living a simpler, less complicated life.

If you are considering a major downsizing or move in the near future, you're not alone. In fact, a significant portion of Americans 50-75+ are downsizing today. And why not? More than likely one or more of the following statements will apply to you:

  • Your children are grown and gone.
  • Your home has become an empty nest.
  • You are retired, or getting ready to retire.
  • You are ready to move nearer, or to live with, your children.
  • You live in a home larger than you now need.
  • The housework and yard are becoming too difficult to maintain.
  • You are simply tired of the house and yard work and would prefer to spend your free time doing something else, such as traveling.
  • Increased taxes and carrying costs are just becoming too much of a burden.
  • You've lost a spouse or partner and are now living alone.
  • You are ready to move to your shore house, mountain home, lake house, or otherwise smaller dream house.
  • You would prefer to live in a year-round warmer climate.
  • You are ready to tap into the home equity you have built up.
  • The reasons for downsizing are many. Each person's life tells a different story, but many of us have reached the same point in our lives. 
Posted by: | Posted on: April 16, 2019

Why Are You Downsizing Your Home?

As you start the Home Downsizing procedure, among the first questions you need to ask yourself is"What exactly are you attempting to do by downsizing?" Various folks will be searching for various factors. Which are your downsizing aims and objectives?

Eliminating Memories: Perhaps you have lost a loved one, through divorce or death, or can your present scenario include too many terrible memories of better times ago? In certain situations it might be best to proceed to a new residence or environment and get on with another phase of your lifetime.

Eliminating the surplus Clutter: Would you want to simplify your life by eliminating much of this accumulated mess that's around you, simply to make more space? You can contact professionals for downsizing homes at reasonable prices.

I've been in houses where there was only a small mess putting around. And I've been in different houses where you could not physically enter an area since it had been packed so complete.

Funding a unique Job: Are you looking to raise money to fund a grand kid's college education, lower your debt, purchase a boat or recreational vehicle, buy a destination hotel property, or go to a retirement community?

Consolidating: Are you currently consolidating a couple of houses and will need to eliminate the surplus personal property? For many it means cleaning home after consolidating a household member's estate in their residence. 

Cashing In: Have you been currently entangled from the collections and private property you have gathered over the previous decades, but no longer want or desire? The 1980's-1990's were the Golden Age of Antiques & Collectibles and lots of people assembled collections that were fantastic. . .of everything. Is it time to sell your collection?

Estate Situation: Are you currently managing an estate that has to be disposed ? We've observed situations where a loved one passed away and the household could not forego the private property, so that they put it in storage, intending on dealing with it following the mourning interval had escalated.

Years after they were paying hefty storage charges. And what they compensated the storage firm over the years significantly exceeded the worth of what they stored in storage.