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Myths About Osteopathy

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Posted by: | Posted on: June 8, 2019

Popular Myths About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a very famous therapy around the World. Is can be used for the treatment of bones and many other muscles and joints.

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Some of the most popular myths about osteopathy are as follows:

Myth 1: Osteopaths Only Focus on Your Bones

This is a false assumption. But it is understandable because the word 'osteo' has come from the Greek word 'osteon' which means bone. Firstly, osteopaths only focused on bones; but now this approach has moved to involve all joints, muscles and body systems.

Myth 2: Osteopaths and Physiotherapists are the same

It is a very false assumption as osteopaths focus on treating the entire body while physiotherapists focus on a particular area.

Myth 3: Osteopathy is a Simple 5 Week Course

It is also a false myth as osteopathy is a hard thing to do. All osteopaths require dedicated five years of university study. Osteopaths also need to learn pathology, physiology, clinical medicine, and, intricacies of anatomy.

Myth 4: Osteopathy is a New Form of Treatment

Osteopathy is one of the oldest physical therapies.