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Using Robotic Systems to Automate Painting

Posted by: | Posted on: October 11, 2019

Every work process is automatic with a work platform equipped with an AVG (Automatic Guided Vehicle) mounted using a lifter and a robot, which can be united with a painting device, a sanding device, or compound coating gear as interchangeable resources.

The painting process is a double-sided system containing a large work stage along with a little work stage.  Find out more information about automotive paint booths by click on this link

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Paint procedures have been performed utilizing a proper work platform based upon the height of their goal workplaces. After discovering and confirming the job of an airframe, the AVG, lifter, robot, and also synonymous tools are operated mechanically, by an app, while discovering the place of the work stage.

The painting machines are equipped with electrostatic illustrations created to decrease paint use and enhance the standard of the painting. The painting machines can also be packed with numerous detectors to defend the airframe and individual life and include security features that suspend operation automatically when an abnormality is discovered.

Painting Different Kinds of part

Aircraft components come in various shapes and sizes, and several kinds of paint are used for aircraft painting. Several tens of thousands of selections of components are used in aircraft, and painting procedures demand that proper paints and baking requirements are utilized in line with the features of every part.

With its distinctive parts identification method, Taikisha provides paint systems which are compatible with the broad array of components used in aircraft.

Enormous Space Environmental Control System for Airframe Painting

Different surface processing measures, such as hammering, sanding, and painting, are done from the aircraft paint booth. Thus, it's crucial to ventilate the paint booth throughout work which exposes employees to solvents and dust.

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