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Water Damage Restoration Process and Tips

Posted by: | Posted on: March 12, 2019

When your home or commercial property has water damage from flooding or any pipe bursts, then prefer to take the help of water damage retsoration service to effectively restore your property

When any standing water has been removed, it's time to start out drying out your home. Your water damage restoration contractor will bring in several types of air movers to help circulate airflow through the room. 

If you have hard wood floors, they may use floor mats which help draw the water out from the floor. If needed, some may even remove the baseboards and drill holes into the drywall to help the walls dry faster. While many of these methods may sound extreme, they're making every effort to be dried the home without having to demolish and rebuild, which could add multiple weeks to the project timeline and become very costly.


The containment and drying levels happen simultaneously. While drying out out the home, damp areas are taped off as a way to concentrate the heat and suction to the rooms that need to be dried away. Containment is important as it permits the effort crew to maintain the environment of the room and dried out the house as quickly and successfully as is possible.


During the drying process, deck hands will stop by routinely to monitor how the drying is progressing. Particularly, they monitor the dehumidifiers' intake and output temps and humidity levels to make certain the dehumidifiers aren't adding wet air out into the room.

They'll also go back and take readings of the same surfaces they did during the inspection phase. Since rooms are declared dried out, crews will often move equipment around to other locations of the home that are still damp.


Once the home has been returned to its previous dry express, water damage cleanup process is regarded as complete. At this point the drying equipment will be taken from the home and your company will confirm you're satisfied with the effort.


Following your drinking water damage cleanup process is complete, if additional strength repairs are needed, an over-all contractor will repair any damage in the home that drying has not been able to fully addresses.

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