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What Is Digital Marketing?

Posted by: | Posted on: August 22, 2019

Are you confused by lots of new and confusing terms related to digital marketing?

What happened to good ancient media such as print, radio, and TV?

Unfortunately, the fact is, people have moved away from traditional media and now give more of their time to the internet and cellphones. So whether you like it or not, knowing how to market through new media is necessary.

Look around you. How many people have you seen using a cellphone? They are practically everywhere!

People use their cellphones to play games, watch videos, communicate with friends and go online. Smartphones like the iPhone are changing the way sales messages are delivered and can be delivered.

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Where people were accustomed to passive advertising in the past, today they have evolved to close or interact with them. We certainly want the latter. And digital marketing routes allow us to do that through attractive mobile applications or interactive digital content on the web.

Like it or not, the digital revolution has arrived and if you don't want to be thrown away, you must learn how to sell effectively to the digital generation!

Online marketing covers a broad spectrum of marketing avenues.

At the heart of digital marketing are the internet and smartphones. The internet is the universe in which information is disseminated and smartphones are the media through which the audience is connected to the internet.


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